Washbasin with Shelf


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Simplicity with a bold look

The Beam washbasin with shelf combines two archetypes of product design and architecture in an interesting manner. The design of the washbasin evokes the image of a bowl and by establishing a reference to traditional personal hygiene utensils adopts a strong sense of familiarity in users. The form of the solid ash wood shelf is a direct reference to a steel beam with an I-shaped cross-section, which is a key modular element in architecture. The combination of these two components lends the product a distinctive and bold appearance that is further emphasised by a successful use of warm colour tones on the outside of the washbasin. In addition to its attractive, playful look, Beam is characterised by sophisticated functionality. The shelf offers space for all items typically used in the bathroom. Moreover, the washbasin features an internal ledge that can be variably adjusted and used just as a shelf or for mounting the tap, depending on individual requirement. Another aspect of the washbasin’s flexibility is that it can be used in various tap mounting arrangements – be it on the washstand, on the wall or on a console. In addition, the use of bio-based Cristalplant for the washbasin demonstrates a sustainable approach.

Statement by the Jury

With its individual design, Beam establishes a convincingly urban aesthetic. The playful use of shapes and references is particularly surprising. The successful overall impression is further complemented by the flawless workmanship as well as the sophisticated functionality and flexibility.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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