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Pleasing functionality

The familiar form of bottle openers was developed together with the invention of pleated metal bottle caps back in 1892. As an object of everyday use, which usually does not get much attention, bottle openers are generally kept out of sight in drawers or used for promotional purposes. The design of Belle-V questions this notion by following a radical approach. As an impressive reinterpretation it leaves behind both the all too familiar form of bottle openers and the reduction to an item of purely utilitarian purpose. The Belle-V bottle opener fascinates with smooth lines and a refined and luxurious appearance. Featuring a shiny surface that is pleasing to the touch, it also appeals to the senses and makes an emotional connection with the user. Its ergonomic shape is well balanced and rests snuggly in the hand. Furthermore, the bottle opener features a sturdy, scratch-resistant construction and, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, is highly durable. It makes removing pleated bottle caps an effortless endeavour requiring only a soft movement. The refined design of the Belle-V bottle opener thus draws new attention to an otherwise common object – turning an everyday tool that usually receives little attention into a highly covetable accessory for displaying on the table.

Statement by the Jury

An elegant solution for a fundamentally simple problem. Following a novel approach, the Belle-V emerged with a new shape for the familiar bottle opener. It is highly functional and adopts the appearance of a refined accessory. With its eye-catching surface, it rests snuggly and perfectly balanced in the hand. This bottle opener is both timeless and durable, and lends itself to use for bottles of different sizes.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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