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BetteLux Oval Couture

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Places for well-being

In ancient times already, people used to extensively celebrate the culture of bathing not only for cleansing purposes, but rather also for the promotion of health. The free-standing bathtub BetteLux Oval Couture builds on this tradition and places the aspect of personal well-being centre stage. This bathtub impresses at first glance with its strong formal presence. Designed with balanced radii and proportions, it projects an expressive, highly stylish appearance from every angle. It invites users to get in and enjoy the high comfort of sitting in it in a very pleasantly relaxed position. The body of the bathtub is manufactured from enamelled titanium steel and therefore very robust. The extraordinary surface texture of the bathtub immediately awakes the desire to touch it. Based on the use of an innovative material that is unusual in this area, the bathtub thus fascinates with a tactile quality that allures the senses. The titan steel is coated with a panel made from woven waterproof and climate-resistant fabric. This fabric offers a pleasant feel, perfectly complementing the luxurious comfort of the bathtub. Harmoniously matched by the special texture of the surface, the elegant appearance of the BetteLux Oval Couture bathtub both enriches bathroom interiors and captivates the senses – it lends this bathroom element a new aesthetic, defining it as an object of an upscale lifestyle.

Statement by the Jury

The BetteLux Oval Couture bathtub fascinates with a design that lends it a luxurious and sculptural look. The innovative combination of enamelled titanium steel for the body and a tub panelling made of woven, waterproof and climate-resistant fabric has led to the emergence of an entirely new visual and tactile experience in the bathroom. In addition, this exclusive bathtub is also very functional and conveys a strong sense of comfort and cosiness.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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