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Motion picture film scanners are rarely affordable for filmmakers and institutions, which means limitations regarding their work. The Blackmagic Cintel represents a professional scanning solution for this target group at a very reasonable price. It provides creative individuals and institutions, such as museums, with the ability to digitise fragile archival footage. Independent filmmakers may now harness the timeless image quality of film, confident of drastically reduced production costs and lead times. Precisely tuned to eliminate unwanted resonance from digital servo motors and paired with high-end image stabilising software, Cintel ensures gentle film handling and accurate, high-quality real-time Ultra HD scans. This film scanner is light and easy to use, thus also eliminating the need for expert technicians required for the assembly and operation of bulky, complex devices. All details are designed with meticulous attention and meet the demands of a highly stable, lightweight structure. The resulting minimal aesthetic of Cintel is another impressive feature, which lends the film scanner an artistic and sculptural appearance. It thus also blends in with refined interior spaces, enriching them with its elegance.

Statement by the Jury

The Blackmagic Cintel film scanner gives the impression of an exceedingly appealing art work. The design stands out with a minimalist form language that also skilfully emphasises the functional details. This highly affordable device offers filmmakers as well as institutions an extensive range of possibilities from screenings to the digitalisation of archival footage. For all this, it provides exceptionally high-quality real-time scans in Ultra HD.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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