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The field of live productions in studios makes enormous demands on man and material. Many elements need to work smoothly together until the audience can watch a perfectly orchestrated show. The Blackmagic Studio Camera is a live broadcast camera, whose innovative design blends a compact body with a very large viewfinder. This very lightweight studio camera with slim proportions and a folding sunshade embodies a carefully considered study in miniaturisation. All necessary elements are fundamentally well thought through, so that they are in a perfectly balanced relationship. An essential aspect in connection with the light weight is the portability of the camera. Utilising the reusable packaging insert, the camera is well protected and easy to transport, while up to four cameras can be packed comfortably into a single road case. Designed specifically for multi-camera live productions such as talk shows, news or sporting events, the Blackmagic Studio Camera captures high-resolution Ultra HD footage. A further innovative feature is its ability to be controlled remotely via Blackmagic ATEM live production switchers. Along with aperture control, users can simultaneously colour balance multiple cameras in real-time using colour correction software. This ensures high quality and consistent footage across an entire live production.

Statement by the Jury

The Blackmagic Studio Camera offers versatile new possibilities in the field of live productions. It is affordable, very light and integrates extremely important features for high-quality live recordings such as the remote control live production switchers. Its design excellently succeeds in fitting all necessary elements for this type of camera in a considerably smaller body. All details and proportions are perfectly tuned to each other.

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