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The geometry of good design

Squares and circles play a central role in architecture and design. The Blanco Artago granite kitchen sink fascinates with an impressive combination of these two geometric elements. It is part of a collection that aims to combine a special aesthetic with sophisticated comfort for everyday use. Complemented by a square outer contour, the round bowl has a diameter of 440 mm and a depth of 190 mm. It is thus very spacious so that even large pans and pots can easily find their place. To adapt to individual preferences, the mixer tap can be installed at the rear both on the right and left. This kitchen sink line is available in two different versions, with the expressive synthesis of opposing geometrical shapes continued stringently down to the last detail. The Blanco Artago 6 is made of the high-quality composite material Silgranit PuraDur. The transition from the round bowl to the square frame is designed in this model as a fine “crest of a wave” to discreetly emphasise the edge. The Blanco Artago 6 IF / A SteelFrame, on the other hand, stages a contrast in terms of colour and material. With this model, the round bowl made of Silgranit PuraDur is surrounded by a square frame in brushed stainless steel that is only 0.8 mm high. This mix of materials also underscores the self-confident individuality of this kitchen sink, with which it integrates seamlessly into urban, purist interior architecture.

Statement by the Jury

The basic geometric shapes of circle and square have merged in the Blanco Artago kitchen sink into a form language of expressive distinction. Balanced proportions and the perfect formal integration of all elements have led to a harmonious whole. All details, including functional surfaces as well as the different combinations of materials and colour, are highly inspiring. This timeless kitchen sink exudes an outstanding sense of quality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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