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A hospital is usually supplied with blood in amounts relative to the size of the hospital and average scale of surgery. In an emergency situation where a hospital needs extra blood, however, family members patients often have to go out and seek blood donors themselves. The second problem arises when the blood management centre is trying to reach out to people. When an emergency blood transfusion is required, although the Internet platform is a viable means to disseminate information immediately, it still has problems reaching out to registered or suitable blood donors efficiently. BLOOD SOS system fills the gaps of this existing system by connecting the public with the blood donation system. It addresses the problems by integrating digital public signboards with an online community platform. This creates a complete system that disseminates information quickly, crowdsources for potential blood donors efficiently and allows potential blood donors to initiate contact and act promptly. The BLOOD SOS online platform is readily available on mobile devices. When an emergency situation calls, digital advertising sign boards in public spaces flashes the BLOOD SOS poster, which contains a QR code that allows any passersby to scan the code and arrive at the BLOOD SOS home page. A notification will also flash on the mobile devices subscribers who choose to be notified in the first instance. Besides the necessary information about the situation, a location tracking device also allows one to see the location, proximity and contact information of the patient. Then, potential blood donors may participate and book the donation appointment directly from the platform. Furthermore, a community page supports appeals for blood donations and discussions about the situation that will aid the process. Lastly, this information can be shared via other popular online social platforms.

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