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BMW Concept i4

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The launch of the BMW Concept i4 electric car, which was shifted to online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was accompanied by a few short, looping animations. The animations were used on social media to engage the young, progressive target group. In an attempt to steer away from classical launch campaign, the idea was to create something unique for a unique car. The aim was to generate a buzz on social media – not only by using modern visuals and concepts, but also by integrating various ideas that the product carries in a stylised way. The Concept i4 is a concept car, but it is one that is close to a production vehicle. Therefore, the manufacturing process of a car was playfully visualised in the abstract setting of a bakery and animated with humorous ideas, such as a baking mould being filled with various needed ingredients including standard batteries or a finished shiny, bronze-coloured car coming out of the baking mould ready for action.

Statement by the Jury

The animations for the BMW Concept i4 have succeeded in a highly innovative manner in reflecting the values of purity in design, sustainability and smart technology and implementing them with entertaining ideas. These values run consistently through all the animations, which were realised for the digital launch, and stand for the excellent design quality and implementation of the campaign.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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