BMW i Inside Future

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BMW’s vision for the future of automotive is illustrated in the BMW i Inside Future sculpture that shows what user experiences may be like when autonomous driving becomes a reality. Beyond the beauty and exquisite materials used for the sculpture, it is an environment where new models of inputs, displays and technologies are applied to create a symphonious, premium physical and digital experience. It is an environment where the user experience can be either personal or shared, highly digital or serenely analogue. A user-centred approach to the design is applied to showcase a more human-focussed future experience. Each seat is designed to be the best seat, with control and focus moving from driver to a more democratised view. Experiences are built around two modalities: “Me Time” and “We Time”. “Me Time” focuses on enhancing personal productivity where individuals can consume personalised content in separate spaces, whereas “We Time” creates a shared space for social interactions where groups can connect with each other. The key to the mobility of the future hinges on seamless transitions between nodes within a continuous journey, as demonstrated in the BMW i Inside Future sculpture, with an experience that seamlessly moves from living room to vehicle, and then to the final destination. At all points on this journey, the individualised connected ecosystem stays ever present via the BMW Connected and the Open Mobility Cloud functions. Content, calendars, contacts and services are readily available, enabling uninterrupted handshakes between mobility modes. With the trend in digitisation moving towards more screens and more distractions, technologies need to be integrated with the occupants’ immediate needs and desires. With the “on-off demand” capability, all technologies become invisible when not in use; controls are active only when they are contextually appropriate. The HoloActive Touch for the main controller reduces clutter and prevents objects from obstructing movement. The division between the front screen and interior surfaces is designed to look seamless when the screen is not in use. The rear seat entertainment collapses and hides when preferred, and functions such as ambient lighting can be adjusted according to mood and context. Rich, digital interactions are blended holistically with nostalgic, real, haptic experiences. The natural, flowing interior works hand-in-hand with future technologies to create a harmonious environment devoid of friction. In the BMW i Inside Future sculpture, this is best illustrated where the exaggerated bookends of the HoloActive Touch system are juxtaposed against printed books co-existing seamlessly, thus balancing futuristic technology with warmth and nature.

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