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BMW i3

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Researchers and designers around the globe are searching for new options and models for mobility in the future. Vehicles with all-electric engines play a particularly important role in this respect, as they are environmentally friendly. The design of the new BMW i3 manages to translate this technology into a future-oriented form. For its designers, it stands for a new approach to mobility: a pioneering premium mobility that takes the advantages of an all-electric engine and lends it a new identity. Another goal was to make attributes such as lightness, safety and efficiency tangible. Featuring a reduced design with clear lines, this passenger car impresses and appeals to the emotions of beholders through its distinctiveness, a sophisticated and highly advanced model that is manufactured in high-volumes. Its self-contained aesthetic appearance is based on innovative car architecture and a passenger compartment made of carbon fibre enhanced plastic – a combination that makes the car very light, weighing only 1,195 kg. This design approach also aided the implementation of other functions such as a special airflow and the overall consistent integration of all elements. The BMW i3 delivers a comfortable and emission-free mobility that is consistently tailored to the requirements of sustainability. The design lends this passenger car with an all-electric engine a high level of lightness and elegance.

Statement by the Jury

The BMW i3 embodies a decisive step into the future. This passenger car manages to already convey today sense of mobility based on new technologies – with new ideas and dimensions. The car is environmentally friendly and demonstrates to what extent design can alter our perceptions and thinking. Thanks to its innovative architecture, it delivers a strong sense of safety and driving pleasure.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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