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The shape of a television is directly related to its technology, with both ideally forming a perfect symbiosis. The 4K HDR OLED televisions of the BRAVIA AF8 series impress with their purist design and strikingly slim profiles that are stylishly underlined by rounded edges. The innovative seamless integration of audio and visual components has led to a remarkable design idiom marked by lightness and elegance. Featuring a special acoustic surface technology, the sound is generated through screen vibrations. Therefore, there are no speakers visible from the front as usual, lending the unit a minimalist, sculpted appeal. The viewer has the impression as if the screen were almost standing on its very own, only supported by an ultra-slim stand. All additional elements feature on the back surface in a blocked section containing two actuators and a subwoofer, with their angles aligned with the cable cover partition in geometric unity. The distinctive, elegant appearance of the television is further enhanced by dark metal elements with a hairline finish on the stand and rear panel, as well as a matching dark brown hue on the back surface, a colour that blends effortlessly into interior settings. Innovative in their design, this series of 4K HDR OLED televisions offers an uncompromisingly clear form paired with state-of-the-art technology for breathtaking visual and acoustic experiences.

Statement by the Jury

The televisions of the BRAVIA AF8 series fascinate with a purist, highly integrated design idiom that lends the units an iconic character. Their aesthetic lies in their simplicity. Realising a perfect reduction to the essential, the design has emerged as a consistently implemented, innovative form that matches the sophisticated technology inside. These televisions are fully self-reliant and are convincing in every detail.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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