BRAVIA® X95J Series

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Elegance of form

Since the perception of media involves several senses, both the form language of a TV and its audio quality play important roles. The 4K LED TV of the BRAVIA X95J series combines the outstanding image definition delivered by the innovative Cognitive Processor XR with the acoustic qualities of the Sony sound system. The coherently integrated sound system comprises slit speakers, a subwoofer and sound-positioning tweeters. It thus delivers a realistic audio experience by creating the feel as if the sound was coming directly from the flat screen where the shown action is taking place. The design of the TV frame and stand represent an outstandingly elegant solution. The aluminium edge frame around the flush panel was made to be as thin as possible to eliminate all distracting elements for the highest degree of immersive viewing. Moreover, the stands are much smaller compared with previous BRAVIA models and were placed at the two ends of the screen to avoid reflections. The stands feature a triangular cross-section and their narrow top edge connects with the frame in such a way as to help guide the viewer’s gaze to the screen. In addition, the versatile and functionally sophisticated three-way multi-position stand gives users a choice of three configurations to suit various placement settings.

Statement by the Jury

The 4K LED TV fascinates with its clear elegance. It blends harmoniously into the room, also thanks to the subtle design of the three-way multi-position stand and the functionally perfect cable routing that are particularly impressive. All elements have been integrated in a seamless and coherent manner, which – featuring the powerful Cognitive Processor XR for realistic images and the audio qualities of the Sony sound system – results in an immersive experience.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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