BRAVIA® Z8H Series

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Perfect harmony

Watching films, documentaries and other TV content appeals intensively to the senses of viewers. Against this background, the 8K LED TV of the BRAVIA Z8H series delivers a remarkably harmonious experience on both the visual and acoustic level. Based on the concept of a one-slate design, this device features a very slim frame. In addition, it is equipped with a high-resolution processor that delivers an exceptional 8K picture quality and optimises the depth and richness of detail across all content formats. This is combined with an innovative sound system that works through the frame by vibrating the bezel itself to make it act as a flat speaker. The bezel is conceived as having two parts – an inside and an outside track, so to speak – with separate colours and surface treatments. By then bringing the inside track into closer chromatic harmony with the screen, the design subdues the visual presence of everything around the screen except for the thin line of the outside track. In order to avoid reflections, the minimalised stands were placed at the two ends of the screen, as opposed to predecessor models. The line bordering the screen thus creates an impressive sense of visual continuity that helps guide the viewer’s gaze to the screen.

Statement by the Jury

Following a stringent logic, the design of the 8K LED TV merges screen and speaker into one device level. The impressive loudspeaker system enables sound to be perfectly associated with the respective objects shown on the screen, making spoken words for example seem to come directly from the mouths of speaking persons. Thanks to the special aesthetics, which invisibly integrates this innovative technology, viewers can fully enjoy and immerse themselves in the shown action.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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