Breezing Stools

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Long meetings can sometimes fail to achieve set goals, waste time and lead to low efficiency and productivity. The Breezing Stools are designed to manage the duration of the meeting, improve the efficiency of the meeting and make meetings more proactive overall. Breezing Stools conveniently remind people to end the meeting in an upbeat and humorous manner. The stool consists of a plastic film cover, a hard stool body with several plastic cylinders on the top, and an air pump. When seated, the stool will begin to leak air, and the ribbons will dance with the moving air to enhance visual interest. When the air is completely released, each meeting participant’s hip will come into direct contact with the hard plastic cylinders, which makes it uncomfortable to stay seated. This mechanism will remind people that it is time to end the meeting. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Workplace

Red Dot: Honourable Mention

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