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Breville Barista Express™ Impress BES876

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Convenient manual espresso preparation

When developing innovative products, Breville takes a close look at users and their relationship with the products in order to solve problems in a meaningful manner. When preparing espresso manually, users are often faced with the challenge of using the right amount of coffee and tamping the ground coffee correctly into the filter. In addition to precise temperature control and the right water pressure, tamping is crucial for an optimal taste experience and food result. To make preparation easier, the Barista Express is equipped with the innovative Impress Puck System. That removes the guess from dosing and tamping. Each dose is compressed into an optimal espresso puck with a pressure of 10 kg and a slight rotation of the tamper. Easy handling is achieved by operating a lever on the left side, which is connected to an illuminated display on the clearly designed control panel. To ensure that the required dosing quantity is used, an intelligent dosing system assists the user, who can choose from 25 grind settings beforehand. The premium stainless-steel body of the machine skilfully conveys all functions through its concise design language and at the same time radiates a high sensual value.

Statement by the Jury

This espresso machine offers an outstanding user experience – innovative functions convincingly simplify the manual preparation of espresso at barista level. The elegant appearance makes this high-quality machine a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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