Reach Truck with Tilting Cab

BT Reflex E-series

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Harmony and effectivity

In modern logistics, reach trucks are often at the heart of effective processes. The innovative reach trucks of the BT Reflex E-series impress above all with their functional and ergonomic tilting cab. This marks their clear style and, harmoniously complemented by a transparent roof, lends them an exclusive design appearance. In combination with the specially developed mast, this reach truck thus offers drivers excellent visibility of the load at all times in any situation and provides high stability of the truck in high-level applications of up to 13 metres. The reach truck is therefore highly effective and comfortable in daily use. In addition, this also reduces the risk of strain for the driver, making logistic tasks and processes easier and overall safer. The clear, streamlined design of the BT Reflex was developed according to the “kaizen” principle of continuous improvement with a user-oriented focus. Another important aspect of the resulting sophisticated ergonomics of the truck is that it allows full individual adjustment of the seat, floor plate, controls and the steering console individually to any driver height. The comfortable interior follows a well-thought-out concept with neutral colours, while the design of the seat with its appealing and resistant fabric projects a friendly work atmosphere.

Statement by the Jury

The reach trucks of the BT Reflex E-series impress with a harmonious design that makes all details complement each other in perfect harmony. Based on a well-thought-out functionality, this reach truck guarantees transport performance of the highest standard and allows work to be carried out effectively even in high-level applications. Developed with a sharp conceptual focus on its users, the truck has emerged with mature ergonomics offering a high level of comfort for the driver and outstanding performance.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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