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Budweiser One-in-Six

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According to latest statistics, one in six American workers is an immigrant. The Budweiser brand, which used to cater to more of a conservative audience, has long overlooked this diversity. That is why on Independence Day, the 4th of July, in celebration of the shared heritage as a nation of immigrants, each Budweiser six-pack contained one of several cans with a distinctive branding specially designed to commemorate the success stories of immigrants. The campaign was complemented by a series of print and out-of-home contributions to communicate the hard work and triumph stories of those who migrated to the great American Union in search of a better life. In addition, the hashtags #freedomseekers and #oneinsix were created in several social media platforms to encourage those who are proud of their heritage to share the migrant stories of distinguished Americans.

Statement by the Jury

The idea behind Budweiser’s integrated advertising campaign is outstanding in that each of their standard six-packs contains a specially printed can to illustrate the fact that one in six workers in the USA is an immigrant. The implied political statement is excellently placed in the midst of everyday life, and the link to social media platforms gives the message additional appeal.

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