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Bullet 1000

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The bullet motorcycle lamp showcases a familiar classical form that was used often in the era of streamline design. Featuring a strong sense of visual presence and plasticity in itself, it also achieves a similar distinctive effect in the field of motorcycle design. The design of the Bullet 1000 succeeds in delivering an exciting redefinition of this form by combining it with modern LED technology. At the centre of the design for this lamp series is the eye-catching and easily recognisable design element of a ring around the indicator, which further enhances the signalling effect of the lamps. The visual appearance is marked by a red ring around the rear and brake lights at the back, and a yellow ring for the position lights in front. Together they achieve an overall visual scenario of spectacular appearance that blends in well with the design vocabulary of the lamps. Alongside a pure indicator in the front, the sophisticated concept comprises a rear indicator with rear and break lights as well as a front indicator with position light. The motorcycle itself, its position and driving trajectory, is thus easily visible in daily traffic. The impressive elegance of these lamps is further enhanced by the use of high-quality materials; all metal parts are available in either polished chrome, satin chrome or satin black finish. The reinterpretation of a familiar design idiom paired with meaningfully employed contemporary lighting technology thus emerges as a lamp series with enticing qualities.

Statement by the Jury

Thanks to a distinctive design vocabulary, the design of the Bullet 1000 lamp series merges the classic form of the bullet lamp with state-of-the-art LED technology. The resulting functionality is thus perfectly implemented to the last detail. The ring around the indicator possesses outstanding signalling effect, featuring in red for the rear and brake lights at the back and yellow for the indicator and position light at the front. Made of high-quality materials, these motorcycle lamps are both durable and highly elegant.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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