Capsule - Remote For OTT

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With the increasing popularity of OTT media platforms, Capsule is a complete reimagination of the TV remote. It strips down the cognitive burden that comes with the current layouts and helps the user type faster than ever. Buttons for frequently used functions are placed near each other, and while the Capsule includes a microphone, it includes a typing feature that makes typing on the TV’s On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) less of a chore. When the OSK appears, the button configuration changes to make typing intuitive for users who are already accustomed to typing on a real keyboard. A touchpad then serves as the remote's browsing wand. User-centric and adaptable to current smart TVs, the Capsule remote feels right at home on the console with its ergonomic cylindrical form, matte surfaces and stainless steel accents. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

Red Dot

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