Portable Air Conditioner

Carrime 2


Iconic object

Air conditioners are an important part of interior spaces and it is their properties that can have a decisive influence on people’s quality of life. The design of Carrime is the result of fundamentally rethinking the form and functionality of an air conditioner. The unit was designed as a portable air conditioner especially for use in interior spaces such as kitchens or washrooms, where it can get hot easily but a permanently installed air conditioner might be difficult to realise. The slim and plain-looking unit harmonises well with its usage environment. A key aspect in designing the functionality was to make it easy to carry the unit wherever it is needed. Weighing in at only 6 kg, this portable air conditioner features a genuine leather handle on the top of the housing that lends it a high value appearance and is pleasant to the touch. Compared to the predecessor model, Carrime 2 integrates a further improved heat pump technology that enables an outlet temperature difference of minus seven degrees Celsius. Since the performance of the internal components, fan, heat exchanger and compressor, has been significantly improved, the cold air can reach an enlarged range with less noise by means of effective control. Thus, even at a distance of 50 cm, the cooling performance stays constant. The perfectly integrated controls allow the air volume to be adjusted comfortably in four steps, while the air discharge direction can also be adjusted to match different room layouts.

Statement by the Jury

This highly functional portable air conditioner showcases an impressively minimalist design. It features an iconic language of form that aestheticises its surroundings. The high-quality leather handle on the top integrates as a visually surprising design element and allows this unit to be easily carried around for placement in any room. High comfort in use is offered by its discreetly integrated and easy-to-operate control elements.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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