Chao-Tian Temple

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The Chao-Tian Temple in Peikang is an important historical Taiwanese site, the origins of which go back to the year 1694. Dedicated to the goddess Mazu, it is representative of the impressive religious architecture of the country. With the aim to authentically depict the structures of the building, this pop-up book combines 3D structures with hand-drawn illustrations. It gives readers the opportunity to take a close look at the everyday life and the spiritual world the temple accommodates. Details such as pillars with dragon sculptures or flower sculptures on the windows give an impression of the sublime aesthetics and beauty of the temple. The illustrations in the book are purposefully cheerful so they consistently blend in with their surroundings.

Statement by the Jury

The Chao-Tian Temple book explores the three-dimensional possibilities of a pop-up book and immediately captures the reader’s attention. It is crafted with great passion for detail while the filigree designed figures and architectural details of the temple are particularly fascinating. Furthermore, the book concept convinces with its playful lightness as well as its expressive colours.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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