Chuan’s Kitchen

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Symbiotic weave

At the heart of the architectural concept for the Chuan’s Kitchen restaurant was the desire to combine tradition and contemporary folk art with modern architecture. To authentically reflect the rich yet somewhat ruptured cultural heritage of China, the restaurant uses the art of bamboo weaving from Qingshen in Sichuan Province as a meaningful medium for conveying the old culture. Therefore, bamboo-weaving artists from Sichuan were invited to present their skills. The result is a filigree structure made of the classic bamboo materials, which stretch through the restaurant like a net. The otherwise clear and modern look of the interior is thus impressively enhanced, while at the same time creating cosy and inviting niches. Along with the design went the idea that this bamboo weave stretching through the space merges with the hearty flavours of the cuisine to satisfy both the appetite and spirit of visitors. In addition, the dim light in the interior matches the concrete furnishings and is aimed at reflecting the coexistence of elegance and simplicity characteristic of Sichuan cuisine. A charming interplay between architecture and the traditional delicacy of this cuisine, the restaurant offers guests an intensive experience of this culture with thousands of years of history.

Statement by the Jury

The Chuan’s Kitchen restaurant harmoniously merges modern architecture with a fascinating and traditional handcrafted bamboo weave structure. The architectural idiom of this interior design is captivating in its simplicity, with one single element stretching through the entire restaurant space and creating organic niches. Targeted lighting scenarios effectively support and enhance the interior ambience.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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