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When a child is clinically admitted with a suspected Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), delays in collecting a sterile urine sample can lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary prescription. Research shows that current methods of collection – where parents attempt to catch a ‘flying stream’ of urine in a collection cup with the child sitting on their lap – is open to error and frustrating for both parent and child. The urine sample cannot be contaminated with bacteria from outside the body, so parents and child must avoid touching the urine stream or inside the cup. This can take hours and if a clean sample is not produced, the child has to be catheterised: a traumatic procedure for child and parent. The Clean Catch chair eliminates this frustration and human error by mounting the collection cup in the best possible position to catch a flying stream of urine, while shielding cup and urine stream from contamination. The design accommodates different gender anatomies: girls produce a more accurate sample when lying back as it raises the urine stream, whereas it’s best for boys in the vertical seated position. As the child is constantly seated in the correct position while waiting for them to urinate, parents are free to distract and entertain them, making the process more pleasant for everyone. A waist strap keeps the child safe and secure. Clean Catch uses a standard sterile collection cup, integrating into existing hospital systems. A single-use cup is critical for collecting a sterile sample, but Clean Catch reduces the number of cups required. A towel fits underneath the convex base to soak up any excess urine, and medical staff can quickly check for a successful sample through an aperture in the cup mount. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Life Science

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