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Coltlite CLST

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Elegantly integrated

Since windows have a significant influence on the indoor climate and light conditions and, at the same time, define the appearance of the outer facade, they play a central role in architecture. As part of a series, the newly developed Coltlite CLST is based on a pioneering concept. The natural louvred ventilator meets high demands by ensuring natural ventilation for a pleasant everyday indoor climate. Meanwhile, it not only integrates into the facade without compromising the appearance of the building, it also contributes to the architectural impact of the facade. The special appearance is marked by a high-quality ventilation system which, when seen from the outside, takes on the look of a completely flat glass surface. This was achieved through thermally broken profiles that make the louvre frames visible only from the inside. Furthermore, these windows owe their clear design language to the fact that the louvres themselves feature a double-glazed (stepped-edge) design, paired with a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees. Tested to the product standard EN 14351-1, the Coltlite CLST natural louvred ventilator is moved either electrically or manually, offering users a high degree of comfort. It has been conceived for vertical installation in outside glass and solid construction facades, as well as steel or wood constructions – where it impresses with an outstandingly elegant aesthetic.

Statement by the Jury

The Coltlite CLST natural louvred ventilator combines an extraordinarily high quality with new possibilities for facade designs. Its innovative construction with thermally broken profiles, into which the framed louvres are integrated, lends the exterior facade the appearance of a completely flush-mounted glass surface. On the inside, however, the louvre window provides both excellent ventilation and very good sound insulation.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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