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Symbiotic integration

For many music lovers, listening to vinyl records is still a listening experience unrivalled by any later tech­nology. The concept active turntable presents itself as a fully featured, all-in-one system. Following the principle of “ready to play”, this turntable integrates all technical elements needed for playback and lis­tening. The integrated phono preamp and additional headphone output allow analogue playback and volume control directly on the turntable without having to add additional equipment. In addition to the headphone output, the turntable also features an RCA socket at the rear of the deck for plugging the turn­table into a separate amplifier, as is otherwise stan­dard, in order to listen to the music via external loudspeakers. The integrated preamp can also be switched off completely in order to send the signal directly to an external phono preamplifier. The also integrated headphone amplifier with excellent audio quality is suitable for all high-quality, dynamic headphones as well as active speakers. The concept active is available with either the frictionless, magnetic bearing concept tonearm or the direct-wired Satisfy Kardan Aluminium tonearm. This is rounded off by the option of a high-quality moving magnet or moving coil cartridge. The concept active is fully factory-set and ready to play on delivery, with all key parameters from tracking force to anti-skating being fine-tuned in the manufac­turing process.

Statement by the Jury

The fascinating purism of the concept active turntable is characterised by the consistent use of a smooth, rounded stylistic idiom. In a successful balance between simplicity and complexity, its design integrates all necessary elements for sophisticated music lis­tening experiences. Thus, this innovative system embodies a beautiful device of premium-quality analogue technology in an otherwise digital age.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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