Modular Ceiling System


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Creative elements

While ceiling designs often were a concrete expression of an epoch in earlier times, it still plays a significant role in architecture today. The innovative Corpus ceiling system is a modular set comprising ten different rectangular and square shapes for creating new inspiring design possibilities. These three-dimensional acoustic elements feature high-quality, white, fleece-covered surfaces and have very good sound-absorbing properties. Based on a sophisticated concept, the individual elements can be mounted in any arrangement, either seamlessly side by side or with variable spacing between them. They are available in various sizes from 520 × 520 mm to 1120 × 2320 mm, as well as with a height of 150 or 300 mm. The special surface also entails that all combinations evoke the impression of formal unity. This also facilitates creating large expressive ceiling compositions that enhance the atmosphere of the room. Furthermore, the system offers an impressively simple, flexible installation. The elements are attached to the ceiling with the help of strings, with different mounting kits available depending on the element size. The attachment is intuitive and self-explanatory. With the Corpus ceiling system, rooms can be given a clearly recognisable, personalised character with high integrative effect.

Statement by the Jury

The Corpus ceiling system with its various rectangular and square acoustic elements incorporates an impressively flexible type of ceiling design. The possibilities to create an individual room experience are enormous. Also noteworthy are the very good sound-absorbing properties. With its effective and highly functional design, this system enables enticing new solutions, especially for large rooms.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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