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COWBOY | Red Dot Design Award

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Mobile adventures

E-bikes are gaining more and more in popularity, as they offer many advantages for individual mobility. COWBOY has been developed to meet the needs of the urban commuters, who want to get to their destination faster. This e-bike features a novel, intuitive motor system that delivers power and speed the moment they are really needed. Since there are no gears that need to be shifted or buttons to be pushed, the bike offers a high degree of agility. Weighing in at only 16 kg, it allows easy manoeuvring through urban terrain, supported by hydraulic brakes that give controlled stopping power. Unlike the traditional chain, the bike’s belt drive is silent, clean, and maintenance-free, while the modern dashboard constantly provides the rider with live data for orientation. A high degree of safety is also guaranteed through the feature of integrated front and rear lights, with the rear light intensifying when braking to effectively warn other road users following behind. Moreover, the agile mobility of this e-bike also goes hand in hand with modern communication technology. The associated smartphone app, in combination with the integrated GPS navigation system, not only offers a digital on / off key, it also features a theft notification and a “Find my bike” function via GPS tracking. Last but not least, the battery solution also implies high convenience. The battery gives a range of up to 70 km and is removable for recharging it anywhere.

Statement by the Jury

The COWBOY e-bike fascinates with its clear and minimalist design. It embodies an intelligent reduction to the essentials and invites users to wanting to discover e-bikes as a means of transportation. The removable battery offers a high range and is uncomplicated in use. With its innovative engine system, this e-bike delivers an advanced approach towards mobility. The digital features accessible via app connectivity are also highly convenient.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    COWBOY, Brussels, Belgium
  • Design:
    Propeller Design AB, Markus Stridsberg Jaan Selg, Stockholm, Sweden
COWBOY | Red Dot Design Award
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