CPR First Aider

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Once cardiac arrest occurs, if patients are not resuscitated in time, it will cause irreversible damage to vital organs and tissues due to hypoxia. CPR First Aider is an automated device that provides respiration assistance and chest compressions. It is designed to reduce time for resuscitation and relieve the physical workload on medical personnel, while avoiding the loss of resuscitation effect and accidental injury caused by improper technique or fatigue during CPR. The device includes a breathing mask that automatically delivers oxygen while assisting the patient to breathe. The CPR module has 4 legs and chest straps to ensure stable, sustained and effective pressure to the patient. Its LED screen displays the patient’s blood oxygen concentration and electrocardiogram in real time. CPR First Aider is compact and can be installed in high-traffic areas to potentially save thousands of lives. It is easily operated and includes a first aid kit and button to quickly call for an ambulance. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Life Science

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