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Hoodies are an icon of street culture, worn not only for leisure but also as a reflection and statement of the “street life” mindset. Custom Hoodies is a desktop-to-garment web portal that specialises in the application of art works to hoodies. Hoods are also a well-known symbol in classic fables, fairy tales, and historical characters; and Custom Hoodies draws inspiration from this to create its logo design. The Custom Hoodies logo and identity/branding are a dichotomous mix of cultural historicity and contemporary diversity distilled into a simple package. The logo is a stencil-graffiti rendition of a tied string on a hoodie, with a friendly Little Red Riding Hood superhero symbol flying around looking for a big, bad wolf. The simple, yet heavy logo design aims to be impactful for the targeted users and to communicate the offered service directly. Little Red Riding Hood as a superheroine is used as a symbol for a street label’s rebellious, ground-up, and upbeat energy, while also leaving room for use as a secondary visual or a sub-brand. Users of the web-portal are encouraged to channel their inner street artists and share their stories with the world through Custom Hoodies.

Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Visual Communication

Red Dot

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