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Cut Space

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“Cut Space” is an interactive, walk-in art installation that was inspired by three questions: How can people create their own space? Is it possible to provide them with the freedom for this to happen? And what kind of spaces would they finally create? The answer is an installation space in the size of 6 x 6 metres, consisting of 6,300 closely hung, equally spaced strings. Participants were then equipped with a pair of scissors and the strings became the structural material for them to cut away at any length in order to create their own space. Over time, as the participants shaped their spaces, the fallen strings accumulated on the ground were forming loose heaps reminiscent of “furniture”. As the spaces were being freely created, the social interaction as well as the collective memory grew organically. Thus, the installation encouraged individuality, while at the same time celebrating the collective whole.

Statement by the Jury

This work stands out in particular because it is based on an interesting experiment that deals with more than just space. It is a space that people can interact in and that connects the idea of the collective and the individual. The highly aesthetic installation impressively demonstrates that even in collective spaces, individuals can create their own personal space.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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