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Dawn to Dusk

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Staging light moods

The position of the sun in the course of a day has an influence on both the physical well-being of people and their individual moods. The design of the Dawn to Dusk table and floor lamp has been inspired by the ambience of the rising and setting sun, bathing interiors into a fascinating spectacle of changing light. The lamp is operated by manually sliding the head up and down the stand, as well as rotating it through 360 degrees. In doing so, the light gradually changes from the off-state at the bottom of the stand into an intense red to orange and peach and then into warm white and finally a colour temperature of 2,700 kelvins. For simulating twilight and other lighting situations, the luminaire can be pointed forwards into the room or be used to flood colour up a wall, creating a range of different moods in a given environment. A special effect has been added in that, even when pointed away, there is a halo of light still visible. The red light has an element of distinctively refined pink, giving it a subtle quality with added health benefits. The orange range allows for both intense hues as well as soft peach tones. The colour range is achieved by three sets of LED arrays which are blended to deliver a highly natural colour palette. By creating a physical interaction between the lamp and its users, Dawn to Dusk promotes a strong understanding of the importance of colour temperature on the body’s natural circadian rhythms.

Statement by the Jury

Imitating the natural progression of the sun and thus daylight, Dawn to Dusk creates sensuous lighting scenarios, enhanced by the lamp’s impressive iconic silhouette. The luminaire is suitable as both a table and floor lamp and impresses with a self-explanatory functionality that allows changing the light setting in an intuitive manner. The natural appeal of the lamp completes the analogy to the course of the sun without an app or computer in a stimulating way.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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