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An analogue experience

DJ culture evolves in line with available technology. DDJ-REV7 enables musicians to perform intuitively as if they were operating an analogue turntable. This DJ controller is equipped with a newly developed, motorised jog wheel with On Jog Display and thus gives DJs a tactile connection to their sounds. The all-new “turntables” with display allow DJs to play their sound sources intuitively just like musical instruments. The left and right turntables look impressively like a vertical turntable. A 2-channel mixer with 16 pads and lever effects is integrated into the controller for quick and reliable performance. VINYLIZED JOG, the motorised 7" jog wheel has a vinyl-like finish on the acrylic top plate to give users the same sensation as if they were using an analogue 12" turntable. Scratching has also been adapted to make it feel natural by ensuring that the built-in slip sheet can be replaced as desired. In addition, the 3.5" On Jog Display installed in each jog wheel allows DJs to view information about the current song during the performance. The digital DJ controller DDJ-REV7 weighs only 10.7 kg and offers users reliable performance with no risk of needle skipping like on an analogue turntable.

Statement by the Jury

With the appearance of a vertical turntable and high-quality surfaces that recall vinyl records, the DJ controller DDJ-REV7 is a beautiful addition to the music scene. Its clear stylistic idiom and clearly structured user interface, based minutely on the DJ’s playing style, are impressive. The functionality of the newly developed “turntable” allows for an authentic performance.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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