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Deina / Moscow 2020

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Groundbreaking interpretation

The overall impression of a large metropolis is also shaped by the aesthetics of its metro trains and their stations. Against this background, the new Deina / Moscow 2020 metro train for the Moscow Metro has emerged with a new look. The aim was to convey the messages of quality, comfort and safety in every element of the train. Inspired by the maxims of Italian design, this train delights with the design of its front end as well as with the sophisticated and noble appeal of its interior. In addition, it offers progressive services to passengers and innovative solutions for drivers. Since the train’s doors have been enlarged to a width of 160 cm, passengers can board and disembark more quickly. A seamless end-to-end walk-through gangway provides additional freedom during peak hours. Protective screens separating the seats from the entrance area deliver additional safety and greater comfort. The air conditioning system ensures a comfortable in-compartment temperature while UV lamps disinfect the air. This is combined with contemporary digital services in the form of interactive maps, USB chargers in each seat, console screens and commercial displays. The result of a coherent overall concept, the train thus manifests a special urban environment that merges the notions of inspiration, work and recreation.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the new metro train for the Moscow Metro succeeds at solving the difficult balancing act of creating a new form that ties in perfectly with tradition at the same time. Also well thought-out are the colour concept and high-quality details such as the seat and grab handle design and the integration of convenient digital services. Convincing in every aspect, the overall concept of this metro train projects a harmonious appearance with a high recognition value.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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