Corporate Design Relaunch

Deutsche Bahn: the pulse that keeps Germany on the move.

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Everybody knows Deutsche Bahn in Germany. However, since the opinion about this company is not always positive, the task was to modernise its image and make it more accessible – while preserving the established brand codes. After all, the Deutsche Bahn logo and typeface have been anchored in the consciousness of consumers for decades. The result is a radically simplified corporate design that has been supplemented by an element that comes to the fore especially in digital interaction: a simple red line. It was derived from the logo and thus not only ideally matches the look of the corporate design; it also represents a perfect tool in all the little moments that users, in our age of digitally networked mobility, spend at the interfaces and touchpoints. Moreover, the line is both simple and very flexible when it comes to entering into dialogue with customers and appealing to their emotions. Called the “Pulse”, it works on the smallest screens and surfaces, in icons and illustrations, on posters and in public spaces. It can organise information and tell stories to convey the values that the railway company wants to stand for.

Statement by the Jury

The relaunch inspires because it changes neither the well-established typography nor the logo of Deutsche Bahn. Instead, by accentuating the red line alone, it implements an instrument that is as powerful as it is playful, humorous and lively, covering all areas of corporate design and communication. The interplay of pictograms, typeface and content works outstandingly well towards effortlessly achieving the goal of image change.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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