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Cubic elegance

In dental clinics, the interior plays a central role not only for the well-being of the patients. The DFAB 3D printer is used in dental fabrication and impresses with its elegantly designed, compact housing. Based on highly advanced technology, this innovative all-in-one additive manufacturing system offers far-reaching new opportunities for dental restoration, such as dental crowns and bridges. The built-in Photoshade scale allows a patient-appropriate execution in natural-looking tooth colour gradients. DFAB covers all Class IIa restoration treatments, with all work processes done within one session. Another significant advantage is that this system, in contrast to CAD / CAM milling systems, facilitates noise-free and very clean operations without any dust formation and thus reduces waste material. This 3D printer also convinces with its particularly user-friendly interface managed from a touch screen monitor. It provides an intuitive control of the processes by means of clear and self-explanatory commands. The system only requires inserting a cartridge safely and cleanly for the system to manage the material automatically. The DFAB 3D printer is also smartly compatible with most intraoral scanners and dental CAD systems.

Statement by the Jury

The design of the DFAB 3D printer captivates with its clear and composed design language that integrates elegantly into dental clinic environments. The pioneering innovation of this system lies in the extremely comfortable and fast provision of, for example, dental bridges in dental restorations. The easy handling via a very user-friendly interface is also highly convincing.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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