Fully Electronic Controlled Instantaneous Water Heaters

DHE Connect & DHE Touch

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Many homes are equipped with an instantaneous water heater that supplies hot water as and when required. DHE Connect & DHE Touch redefine the possible applications of this piece of everyday equipment in an extraordinarily comfortable and state-of-the-art manner. The central feature is a logical and innovative user interface which makes it immediately clear how everything works. The unity afforded by the touch display and touch wheel make the use of the equipment intuitive. DHE Connect also has noteworthy multimedia functions. It can be easily connected by Wi-Fi to the domestic Internet network, thus allowing Internet radio to be listened to on the built-in speaker and weather conditions to be seen on the colour display. Furthermore, the supply of hot water may be initiated using an app on your smartphone. This instantaneous water heater supplies hot water at exactly the right temperature using the powerful and highly efficient 4i technology. A further, well thought-through feature is that the control element can be detached for use away from the equipment. The oval form and striking lines give DHE Connect & DHE Touch flowing elegance which integrates very well into its surroundings and thereby harmoniously unites technology and design.

Statement by the Jury

Aside from the user-friendliness of a fully electronic controlled instantaneous water heater, DHE Connect offers a new multimedia experience of Internet radio and the use of a weather app via Wi-Fi. The innovative user interface renders use intuitive and, furthermore, the detachable control element is highly practical. Powerful lines and an overall clear design make visible the technical competence of this piece of equipment.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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