Tractor, Excavator, Loader, Mower

Diverto QS 100

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Work tasks in urban areas, such as municipalities, in landscape architecture or forestry, are manifold and highly varied. Verges have to be mowed, trenches excavated and in winter snow ploughed. Based on a well thought-through concept, the Diverto QS 100 is aimed at presenting the possibility of fulfilling all these tasks with one machine. In this sense, it is a multifunctional machine platform that combines tractor, excavator, loader and mower. As a tractor, it is equipped with an on-road approved towing trailer and incorporates state-of-the art emission technology. The vehicle boasts rotating operation of up to 360 degrees allowing all tasks to be performed easily and effectively. Furthermore, two functions can be used simultaneously, in addition to being remote controlled, and a total of 200 tools and attachments can be connected, turning it into a highly versatile tool carrier. Showcasing an ergonomically designed operator’s cabin, this innovative vehicle not only offers high comfort to the operator and also a second person, but also ensures a high degree of allround visibility as well as safety for an effective work performance. The multifunctional concept of the Diverto QS 100 delivers a new kind of flexibility that also allows the working time to be planned effectively, thus setting new standards in its field.

Statement by the Jury

Following an innovative approach, the Diverto QS 100 integrates a tractor, excavator, loader and mower into one single vehicle and thus separates itself from the classical form. It embodies a very well thought-through multifunctional platform for the most varied tasks, allowing them to be performed in a more coordinated and effective way. All details have been carefully honed, with an ergonomically designed operator cabin offering great comfort, safety and intuitive handling.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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