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The short film “Dreamkeeper” shows a world where dreams are watched in order to ensure they are running properly and where the protagonist, Tom, is their watchman. He has fallen into a routine of watching and observing, each morning making his rounds through the different doors in the meadow. The lack of interaction has become very comfortable to him, meaning he enjoys the rules and has never thought to break them. One day, young, optimistic Julie, whom he knows from one of his dreams, finds her way out of her dream. In a deal for Julie to reveal her name, Tom must bring her along for a few dreams, taking her with him to various different worlds and times, all illustrated in subdued colours. This leads to Julie breaking Tom’s rules and showing him the potential good he can do with his job by intervening. One day they meet a sad boy sitting lonely in a dark room and Julie attends to him so that he can pluck up his courage again. Unknowingly, Julie’s childlike thinking gives Tom a new perspective on his purpose in the dream world and also more care and joy.

Statement by the Jury

This short film convinces with the surprising idea of partly surreal dream worlds that open up behind the individual doors. The film has been superbly implemented in terms of editing, art and sound design, as well as casting, and impresses with a harmonious blend of beauty, poetry and magic. These are excellently combined and rounded off with a fine sense of humour.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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