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Rugged Handheld Computer


DS2 | Red Dot Design Award

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Thanks to its pocket-size format, the DS2 rugged handheld computer can be comfortably operated with one hand. The computer withstands repeated drops onto concrete without damage. Furthermore, it is dust- and water-resistant. The 5” multitouch display provides sufficient working space. Like many smartphones, the computer uses an Android operating system, thus users do not require extensive training to operate the unit. The device is also available with an integrated barcode scanner as an optional extra.

Statement by the Jury

The DS2 rugged handheld computer skilfully combines the user-friendly aesthetics of a smartphone with the indestructibility of an industrial device.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    DSIC Co., Ltd., Seoul, South Korea
  • Design:
    DESIGN NID Corp. (Seonhoon Kim, Taesung Yoon), Seoul, South Korea