DT 700 PRO X & DT 900 PRO X

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Elegant and comfortable

Thanks to the development of an ever-wider array of digital programs, music production has become diverse and no longer requires a permanent studio. The design of the headphones in the professional PRO X range seamlessly incorporates the stringent requirements of today’s music scene. They have been developed for modern creatives and can be used both in professional studios and on the go. The DT 700 PRO X model is a pair of closed-back headphones for recording and monitoring, while the DT 900 PRO X is a set of open-back headphones intended for critical listening, mixing and mastering. The headphones in this range were developed to provide optimal, studio-quality sound on all playback devices. To this end, their technical features include the STELLAR.45 driver newly developed and produced by beyerdynamic in Heilbronn, Germany. These headphones are based on a design process in which the essence of the product was captured and then pared back to its most essential form. They impress with their clear design idiom, high-quality materials and intricate details. An additional aim of the development process was to ensure the headphones are comfortable to wear and provide a long service life. The use of robust materials and a high-quality manufacturing process mean that these headphones, hand-produced in Germany, can be used for many years.

Statement by the Jury

The balanced and elegant design of these headphones is a visual expression of their professional qualities. It is highly apparent that they have been developed with the target audience and its needs in mind, and that they offer an impressive level of comfort even during long and demanding studio sessions. Both models combine a clear stylistic idiom with perfected details in a compelling way. Together with the high-quality materials, this gives them a clear visual identity.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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