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Transformation of form

Launched in the early 1970s for the first time, the Monobloc chair, made from plastic in one piece and one single manufacturing step, has since experienced a triumphant popularity all around the world. The innovative idea of Duoblock simplifies and improves the injection moulding production process, which reduces the costs and allows for additional creative possibilities. This chair consists of two intelligently combined basic parts: the backrest with the rear legs and the seat with the front legs. It thus features two L-shaped parts that are relatively flat and suitable for the production as injection moulding part. This results in a highly appealing, organic form for the backrest, making it ergonomic and impressively comfortable. The design is concise and thus shows a very interesting, aesthetic twist of surfaces, which gives it a strong sense of originality. Furthermore, the chair is light and easily stackable, with the underside of the chair fully resting on top, which enables high stacks even in a sloping position. Made entirely of polypropylene and produced by gas injection moulding, all chair legs remain hollow yet possess high stability. A special advantage is the variety of colour combinations that comes with the idea of using two basic parts. The chair offers a choice between six basic colours for creating many attractive colour combinations.

Statement by the Jury

This multipurpose chair impresses with its formal elegance. Based on a design innovation, it enables a highly cost-effective production. It is stable, durable and very easy to stack. Offering a very pleasant sitting comfort, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. The Duoblock chair literally represents the essence of a chair, epitomised by the notions of simplicity and functionality.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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