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Eco Grape Box

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The Eco Grape Box is an environmentally sound packaging and a well-thought-out bag for grapes, all in one. The inside of the box features a funnel-like hollow-out structure matched with the shape of grapes for optimal protection. Maximising the contact area between packaging and grape, this not only prevents the grapes from being crushed, it also ensure they get plenty of air and that potential buyers can check the quality before purchase. The box is made of simple corrugated cardboard. The outer body adopts a uniform design without glued joints or seams. Introducing a buckle structure, the carrying element on the top side folds up easily and allows the protruding folds on both sides to be connected through the flap for ideal transport. The front and back feature a large and a small printed grapevine pattern that forms a full grape pattern when the two are placed side by side. Complemented by lettering in green and red, the simple illustrations reflect the natural colours of the fruit and the ecological character of this stable and reusable box.

Statement by the Jury

What is striking about the design of the Eco Grape Box is its simplicity, in terms of high usability, material quality, formal composition, as well as graphics and illustrations. The coherent as well as intelligent interplay of the individual parameters turns the box into an excellent example of how packaging can serve to not only protect content, but also allow it to be transported in an ingenious way.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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