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Aesthetics and functionality

The climate of a room is subject to constant fluctuations due to the changing moisture content of the air and many other factors. Against this backdrop, Ecocarat features a special surface structure that has a positive influence on the humidity of indoor environments. Based on an innovative porous ceramic, these tiles exhibit a positive humidity controlling effect that is five to six times better than that of diatomaceous earth. And in comparison to purpose-specific wallpaper, the moisture absorption is even 25 times better. The tiles act as a filter and thus ensure a better indoor climate. In addition to regulating the moisture content of a room, they also provide a protective function that is beneficial to the health of residents. They possess the special property of inhibiting the spread of household odours such as from toilets, raw kitchen waste, cigarettes and pets, as well as harmful substances like formaldehyde. Thus, the tiles also help prevent people from getting ill with sick building syndrome, a disease caused by harmful substances adding up in their negative impact. Ecocarat’s comprehensive concept also comprises a cleanable specification that is well suited for wet and public areas. These ceramic tiles are available in a wide line-up covering the latest trends as well as basic versions – all merging aesthetics and functionality to decorate any interior space.

Statement by the Jury

The Ecocarat tiles fascinate with the special aesthetic of their surface that lends them outstanding properties. They are made of a porous ceramic whose absorption capacity improves overall hygiene. In a certain sense, these tiles are able to “breathe” and thereby reduce harmful substances from the air. They thus possess a special and welcome new quality for the use of tiles in interiors.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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