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Ecouldbe is a pop-up book and App that aims to help children develop healthy gender perceptions and eliminate gender biases through gender education. Children and their parents learn about gender stereotypes by reading through every page of the book, which follows the journey of two protagonists who are of different physiological genders and the things they do that defy gender stereotypes. While the book encourages children to consider their own gender biases, parents are also educated on gender concepts in the process. By pressing the Bluetooth sensor, parents and children can test their gender perceptions and receive direct interactive feedback from the App. In terms of branding design, the chameleon in the logo represents a more colourful life, and the project’s name starts with the letter ‘e’, which is shared by both ‘she’ and ‘he’, implying a more gender-neutral world. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Interaction and User Experience

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