Ein Reisender

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This book is based on the original travel journal of the missionary F. Petrick, who travelled from China to South Africa in 1892. The design connects three levels that are interwoven in terms of form and content and together present a diversified amount of information. In the form of a small-sized notebook, the original text in Kurrent, the old German script, on brownish paper was stapled between the pages, on which readers find the transliteration as well as additional information. Complemented by vivid illustrations, technical drawings and graphics – all in a reduced colour palette – the book describes an exciting image of a journey that was made more than hundred years ago. The topics travel, religion, history, the missionaries’ work and the fate of F. Petrick are visualised with interwoven formats, cross references between the texts as well as a grid, which identifies time and space of the events, turning the book into an impressive and engaging reading experience. Statement by the jury »The design of this comprehensive travel report successfully leads readers into the time of the missionary around the year 1892 with original facsimile documents and light colour tones, where the light blue echoes the colour of the ocean. Moreover, the layout is characterised by a clearly laid out typography and the inspiring presentation of the many details.«

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