Red Dot Design Award
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EL MONO – Qi of Earth

EL MONO – Qi of Earth | Red Dot Design Award

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The objective of this packaging for cigars was to establish the local brand image of Chinese cigars by exploring a new expression of traditional cigar culture in a modern lifestyle setting. Merging the design language of Minimal Art and Bauhaus with the Chinese ideology of “Qi”, the cigar pack is defined as a piece of art that could even be hung on the wall. Inspired by the aesthetics of luxurious old cigar packaging, it was to emerge with a new and exciting look and feel.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Sino Cigar Tribe Co., Ltd., China
  • Design:
    Hypothesis (Beijing) Art&Design Co. Ltd., Beijing, China
  • Head of Marketing:
    Zhiping Xu Sino Cigar Tribe Co., Ltd. Beijing, China
  • Art Direction:
    Zuriya Wang Hypothesis (Beijing) Art&Design Co. Ltd.
  • Production:
    Huan Zhang Cigar Manufacturing Center, China Tobacco Shandong Industrial Co., Ltd.
EL MONO – Qi of Earth | Red Dot Design Award