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Equashield® Pro

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Perfectly dosed

In hospitals, countless single doses of medication have to be compounded and provided on a daily basis. Equashield Pro is an innovative robot system aimed at automating the workflow and optimising the throughput in this area. It was designed against the backdrop that traditional robots, which mimic human motion sequences in their handling, can easily lead to spills, cytotoxic drips, as well as aerosols and vapour release. Based on proprietary CSTD (Closed System Transfer Device) technology, Equashield Pro therefore incorporates a closed drug transfer system that follows a multi-station compounding approach, much like a factory manufacturing line, to minimise both the motion and the time it takes to prepare a dose. In addition, the system is also capable of processing a broad variety of finished product dosage forms, allowing it to access drug vials of all sizes. This elegant solution thus offers many advantages: it effectively protects against hazardous drug exposure, prevents medication errors and optimises the overall throughput. In addition, it is marked by a small footprint comparable in size and required space to that of a standard biological safety cabinet. Furthermore, it offers a large storage capacity with eight simultaneous workstations and features over 14 inspection cameras. At the same time, Equashield Pro is highly cost-effective, versatile in daily use and easy to fit into hospitals regardless of their size.

Statement by the Jury

As a highly innovative automated solution, Equashield Pro provides fast throughput in the safe and effective administration of medications in hospitals. This highly sophisticated and well-thought-out robot system guarantees a maximum of precision. It decisively safeguards against errors and mistakes. This promotes trust and reduces stress in daily hospital work routines. Compact and straightforward in terms of its design, Equashield Pro easily integrates into any environment.

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