ES-C320W, ES-C380W, DS-C330, DS-C490

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Compact and Versatile

Huge strides have been made in office technology over the past few years. Devices are becoming more and more compact, whilst simultaneously offering multifunctionality to meet a wide range of requirements. Compatible with a growing number of interfaces, they are increasingly at the heart of digital document management. The new line of highly sophisticated, efficient scanners from Epson – ES-C320W, ES-C380W, DS-C330 and DS-C490 – is no exception. The devices seamlessly file scanned data in network folders, on USB sticks, or – with or without a computer – in the cloud. Intuitive operation via a colour touchscreen makes this task wonderfully straightforward. The compactness of the devices is difficult to beat, as their U-shaped, vertically aligned paper path minimises their footprint. They can also be positioned directly alongside the wall during scanning mode. Both of these aspects are ideal features for a work environment where space is limited, or for work at a service counter. Thanks to an easy-to-use lever on the back, the devices – and this is a real highlight – can be tilted towards the horizontal, transforming the paper path from a U-turn path to a straight one. In this mode, documents up to 5 mm thick such as bound ID documents can be scanned flat. The jury was thoroughly impressed: “With its ES-C320W, ES-C380W, DS-C330 and DS-C490 scanners, Epson has succeeded in producing an ultra-compact, adaptable and visually appealing design solution which achieves maximum functionality while requiring minimal space. Moreover, they successfully link to the Epson brand identity.” The scanners’ subtleties are also impressive, for example the special protection they offer original documents. If something is in the way during scanning, such as a staple, the document feed is stopped immediately. Functions for improving the clarity of the text or for optically removing signs of tears, shadows at the edges or punched holes are available, as are tilt correction, merging to A3 and automatic colour improvement. With their focus on miniaturisation and low electricity consumption, the scanners also contribute to a reduced ecological footprint.

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