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The south of Spain is well known for having fresh and tasty vegetables that are exported to the rest of Europe. This knowledge inspired the idea for Etnisk. It creates a fresh food storage solution that reduces refrigeration use. Different containers recreate the specific conditions for different fruits and vegetations based on the climate that they thrive in. In this way, natural and recyclable materials and as little energy as possible are used. The climatic groups are categorised as such: refrigeration needed, humidity needed, air circulation needed, watering and contact with sand needed. Natural materials and processes are completely capable of cooling down food with no energy consumption. Etnisk explores this possibility. Cooling through evaporation was the main principle applied to this concept. In hot environments hundreds of years ago, wet clay placed in the heat caused water to evaporate, thus lowering the temperature in the container. By watering this pot, a rather cold environment is achieved for vegetables. Etnisk consists of 6 different typologies of containers, each designed to create specific conditions. The ‘refrigerator’ mode works on the principle of evaporative cooling. The ‘constant hydration’ mode is a vase that provides natural herbs with a constant source of water, like flowers. The ‘root vegetables’ mode comprises a red clay bowl filled with sand that hides the root vegetables away from the sun. The ‘salad’ mode is a covered drainer clay bowl placed in a bucket of water. The ‘dry’ mode is made with natural fibres, perfect for holding garlic, onions and nuts that need air circulation. Lastly, a ‘fruit bowl’ mode for both fruits and potatoes. All materials are eco-friendly and recyclable, with some even supporting fair trade for workers. Red Dot Award: Design Concept | Concept | Green

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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