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eTruck is a captivating e-learning programme for prospective forklift truck operators from Sweden. To drive a forklift truck in Sweden, the law requires training. However, quite a few students are uncomfortable with the theoretical part – the reasons varying from bad experiences from school to poor learning ability or limited knowledge of the Swedish language. This e-learning programme was developed to address these problems and to reach students in a different way. Making use of comic-like imagery, eTruck dramatises the story of a typical working day including a chain of events leading up to an accident. The students know that, in the course of the game, an accident will occur, though not how or when. The result is them wanting to “solve the puzzle” before the accident happens. Thus, without noticing, they drill themselves in detecting risks and understanding the reasons behind them.

Statement by the Jury

This Swedish e-learning programme convinces with its playful approach. Featuring an easyto-grasp language and navigation, as well as an aesthetic inspired by comics, eTruck manages to consistently reach the target group of prospective forklift truck operators who either have limited knowledge of Swedish or difficulties with the hitherto used teaching methods. In an engaging, easy-to-understand and highly efficient manner, the programme thus delivers on the theory and sensitises students for possible risks.

Red Dot: Best of the Best

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